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Products  for High Speed Video Imaging 
Cameras and Applications


Parfocal provides U.K. and E.U. customers with sales and service support, which includes a complete line of  Hi-g accessories for high-speed imaging applications: High Intensity Super Bright LED's, Lenses, Battery Packs, Camera Mounts, Tungsten-Halogen Lighting, 2D & 3D motion analysis software and 16mm film-to-digital transfer systems.

In addition to these products we also offer High-Speed Video rental equipment with the support of qualified engineers to assist customers, when needed, in high-speed imaging applications.  Parfocal also provides complete factory level service and replacement parts on Hycam II, Locam II, Fastax II, 16mm high-speed film cameras.

Mr. Peter Taylor has over 30 years experience in high-speed imaging technology to provide customers with a level of application expertise that is unequalled in Europe.

In summary, Parfocal is a full service organization, ready to support all levels of high-speed imaging technology.




High Intensity LED Lighting (New Product Release) Hi-G Avatar and other Lenses for High-Speed Cameras
Tungsten-Halogen Lights for High Speed Applications EDMS, Numeric Annotation On Film 
High Intensity Hi-g Light Fixture Protective Camera Enclosures
  Precision Camera Mounts (New Product Release)

Micrometer Diascope to Measure Camera back focus

Model 8416B Heavy Duty Camera Mount

Visual Fusion 2D/3D Motion Analysis Software

Batteries and Chargers for High Speed Video and Film Cameras

16mm Analysis Film Projector

  16-CVS & 35-CVS Film Scanners

Film Transfer Services

High Speed Film Cameras

Hycam IIA,  Locam II,  Fastax,  Hytax,  Milliken

Sales and Repair

Equipment  Rental







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